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Comprehensive Land Information Portal

Citizens may use this website to view the following information related to their Lands, Houses Located in Tamil Nadu

  1. Chitta : Chitta is a revenue document contains details about the area, size, ownership of the property. These details are maintained by the Village Administration Officer and the nature of land- whether dry or wetland is mentioned. Citizens will be able to print the 'Chitta Extract'.
  2. A-Register: It is revenue record of piece of land in rural areas of Tamil Nadu. It is issued by the government that includes Survey number , Subdivision Number, Patta Number , area of land, Tax details Soil Type and quality, Land type, Water Resource and owner name.
  3. Town Survey Land Record Extract : This gives details regarding Land located in Urban area gives details of Block and Name,Government or Wasteland(Poromboke) and Measurement.
  4. Field Measurement Book(Diagram) of a Particular land in rural areas
  5. Facility to View and Print Encumbrance Certificate issued by Registration Department, Government of Tamil Nadu
  6. Status of Application related to Online Patta Transfer(Both Rural and Urban areas)
  7. Status of case pending in Revenue department related to Land
  8. Status of case pending in Civil court related to Land
  9. Property Tax and Water Tax related to Buildings/Land located in Chennai Corporation, Muncipalities, Town Panchayat and Village Panchayats
  10. Electricity Bill Payment status

What ciitizens need to know or should have in hand to elicit information from the Website

  1. Survey Number and Sub Division Number or Patta Number or Owner Name or Street Name
  2. Consumer Number (Connection Number) to know Property Tax, Water Tax details
  3. Application ID to know the status of Online Patta Transfer
  4. Civil/Revenue Court Case number to know the status of Civil/Revenue court case.